Cablevision Customers In Danger of Missing World Series

Via Variety:

Fox and Cablevision ramped up the war of words behind their retransmission battle Tuesday.

Both sides dug their heels in, as it began to look less likely that a deal could be hammered out by midnight Saturday morning — when the cable operator’s deal to carry WNYW and WWOR in New York and WTXF in Philadelphia (as well as select News Corp.-owned cable networks) is set to expire.

Essentially what’s going on here is that Fox is demanding a certain amount of money from Cablevision who is refusing to pay. If they don’t agree by Saturday then Cablevision will cut off all the Fox channels including the World Series.

I find it funny that they have had no problem reaching similar agreements in other cities, but the two that they are having real problems with are New York and Philadelphia – the two cities most likely to host the World Series. It seems to me like Fox is trying to take advantage of the situation here.

I am, unfortunately, a Cablevision subscriber. I will not be going to a bar, I will not be going to a friend’s house. I will be switching to DirectTV. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while anyways and this could be the perfect opportunity.

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3 Responses to Cablevision Customers In Danger of Missing World Series

  1. Jason@IIATMS says:

    You can still get Channel 5 Fox over the air. It's the ancillary channels which could be cut.

  2. Good to know. Thanks.

  3. Unfortunately, I am stuck here NOT watching the Roy Halladay vs. Tim Lincecum game. This sucks.