Cashman & Girardi Talk Yankees Future

Here are some notes via Marc Carig of the Newark Star-Ledger from a conference call with Yankees general manager Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi this afternoon.

  • Girardi never really thought about leaving the Yankees.
  • He thinks that CC Sabathia‘s knee may have caused some mechanical issues.
  • Girardi said he may tinker with the lineup next year.
  • He did not know about the decision to get rid of pitching coach Dave Eiland.
  • Cashman talked about not being able to do anything until he meets with the Steinbrenners on Monday and Tuesday in Tampa.
  • During the meeting they will also discuss what the payroll will be in 2011.
  • Cashman doesn’t think the search for a pitching coach will go very quickly.
  • He did note that Mike Harkey and Scott Aldred would be internal candidates for the job.
  • They would like to resign hitting coach Kevin Long (obviously).
  • Cashman seems open to revamping the pitching staff, but it sounds like he’s going to stand pat with the offense.

I’ll go more in depth on some of this later on. Just wanted to pass along this information.

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3 Responses to Cashman & Girardi Talk Yankees Future

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    The team that scored 859 runs, leading the majors, doesn't need offensive help. Bat Gardner leadoff, rotate the DH slot between Posada, Jeter, Rodriguez and Thames. Posada needs to catch only 70 games, DH for maybe 60. It's time to see what some of the younger players can do.

    But the rotation is wreck. Keep Sabathia and Hughes, of course. Bring Pettitte back for 1 year. Promote 1 starter (Nova, Aceves, etc.) from within. TRADE A.J. Burnett, even if we have to eat some of the salary, or take a bad contract in return. Would the Cubs move Zambrano? Or how about Beltran from the Mets? He can still hit, and it would fill out the DH/4th outfielder situation nicely. If you can trade him, then it makes sense to add Lee, if possible. Otherwise, payroll considerations might make him unaffordable.

    • Mindkind says:

      I agreed with most of what you wrote except the trading Burnett. While I think it would be best to trade him but like Rob said, trading him is not realistic. Gardner needs to bat leadoff ( sorry Jeter ). Yes rotate the DH spot. Let Jesus Montero and Austin Romine battle to stay with the club in spring training, one stays other one goes to Triple-A. Sabathia, Hughes and Pettite (1 year) are locks. Lee would be nice but the money would be ridiculous. If Lee is not signed and Burnett is not traded then let some kids battle for the 5th rotation spot.

  2. Unfortunately there is no realistic scenario where the Yankees could trade AJ Burnett.

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