CC Sabathia to Have Knee Surgery

Via the NY Post:

CC Sabathia was diagnosed with a minor meniscus tear of the right knee that will require surgery, The Post has learned.

Sabathia was diagnosed yesterday at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and is expected to undergo surgery in the coming days. The Yankees do not consider the procedure significant and expect Sabathia to recover within three weeks and be fully ready for spring training.

Sabathia is a big man who has thrown a lot of innings. Despite his amazing durability to this point there had to be some issues eventually.

Despite the fact that he should be fine by the time the season starts this will, with no doubt, increase the fervor of which the Yankees go after Cliff Lee.

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6 Responses to CC Sabathia to Have Knee Surgery

  1. Mindkind says:

    Well this is a concern. CC is a big guy and all that weight landing on his knees will be an issue. Now is even more important that we get another elite pitcher.

  2. david k. says:

    Yes but does it have to be Cliff Lee? He's never been that durable and he is 32 yrs old. With the kind of money he seeks, if he gets injured the first year, this could make Carl Pavano's contract look like a pimple on an elephant's butt.

    • Mindkind says:

      It doesn't have to be Cliff Lee. For me better Lee because it would only take money to get him. If we don't get Cliff then we will surely have to sacrifice top prospects to get another elite pitcher via trade.

  3. He's never been that durable? Care to elaborate?

  4. david k. says:

    Didn't he miss almost a whole year with arm problems when he was with the Indians? Most recently, he has had back problems, something that makes you shudder. The point is that Cliff Lee is nowhere near as durable as a Sabathia and throwing that kind of money to sign a 32 yr old is just not worth it.

  5. He missed about a month and a half in 2007 with a groin injury. He had a minor back issue this season that was obviously fine by the ALCS.

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