Chien-Ming Wang Pitching Again but at 85-87 MPH

Via Ben Goessling of MASNSports:

Chien-Ming Wang, the Nationals right-hander who missed the entire 2010 season while rehabbing from shoulder surgery, made his return to the mound today, throwing a shutout inning against the Detroit Tigers in the Nationals’ instructional league.

Wang’s interpreter, Alan Chang, said he faced four batters, walking one, and was clocked between 85-87 mph.

The Nationals are hoping Wang makes a full recovery from shoulder surgery; Wang’s agent, Alan Nero, said both sides are open to a contract for 2011 before the Nationals would have to decide whether to offer Wang arbitration, but are waiting to see how he progresses through the fall.

This is not good news for Wang fans. When he was pitching well on the Yankees he sat around 92-95 mph. If he is still only at 85-87 mph this far after he’s had surgery, then he still has a while to go.

At this point the Nationals would be foolish to offer him anything more than a minor league contract. Even if he is healthy enough to pitch in 2011, there is a pretty good chance that he won’t be good enough to pitch in the majors.

If he ever gets his velocity back at all it might take a decent amount of time pitching in the minors for him to build up arm strength. This is not an elbow injury here, this is a shoulder problem and unfortunately that can mean the end of his career.

It’s really a shame, until Phil Hughes this season Wang was probably the best Yankees pitching prospect since Andy Pettitte.

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7 Responses to Chien-Ming Wang Pitching Again but at 85-87 MPH

  1. larry says:

    Not every pitcher can have a good sinker no matter wherever in majors or minor unless you're the only unique. Everybody knows that sinker is like bowling depends on the heavy characteristic not up to velocity, in fact, when sinker is up to 90 mph that's quite enough to deal with hitter, means that they can hit but hit bad.

    If Wang's healthy comes back with 90 mph, i think $150M is worthy to start major. Just don't forget that Wang has this talent of sinker rolling.

  2. Senna says:

    Is Nationals foolish? Did you forget the Pavano & Kei Igawa? How foolish the Yankees is. Ha!!! Don't forget this big joke..^o^

    This is Wang first pitch after his shoulder surgery, the 85-87 mph is better than expectation. And, he will get better in future.

    Woo, It's great you don't forget the Wang is the best Yankees pitching prospect since Andy Pettitte.

    And, please don't forget Yankees needed to take part of responsibility of Wang's hurt.

  3. The Yankees have no responsibility for his injuries. They handled him very well actually. His inning were built up slowly from 80 to 125 to 150 to 150 to 220 to 200. That's a good steady progression. After that the Yankees really never abused him or rushed him back from injuries or anything like that. He's 100 percent at fault for all of his injuries and realistically is a somewhat frail player.

  4. lara says:

    Why it's a shame? Wang is really one of the excellent Yankees pitching.

    It's impossible that a player never suffer injuries during one's careers. Frail? It's not fair to Wang.

  5. I just meant that it's a shame that Wang didn't have a longer lasting career with the Yankees.

    Also, he is certainly not the most frail player by any stretch, but he hasn't been healthy in two and a half years and had two other fairly major injuries during his career. I wouldn't exactly say he's the picture of health.

  6. Pat says:

    More Asian baseball posts please.

  7. vsjbasno says:

    It's none of your business, Rob Abruzzese.

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