Dear Yankee fans: Be Proud, Be Grateful

Just a day removed from the Yankees elimination, it isn’t hard to find a disappointed New Yorker. The beloved Yankees are done for the year, and their dreams of a second consecutive world championship are diminished.

As many love to do, we can sit here and talk about what could have happened and what should have happened. We can talk about the mistakes the Yankees made; we can talk about the Yankees lack of luck; we can talk, and talk and talk.

Or, we can put things in perspective, and come to the realization that Yankee fans are lucky enough and we are lucky as it is to have the chance to enjoy baseball.

The Yankees have been to the World Series 40 times in their existence. The Rangers, when the 2010 World Series begins, will have been there once. My point? It’s okay for another team to win for a change.

In the past 16 seasons, the Yankees have made the postseason 15 times. They won the World Series last year, and won it three straight times in the late nineties. The farthest the Rangers made it in the last 16 years is where they are right now. Once again, it’s not a bad thing for another team to be in the World Series.

History aside, why are Yankees fans disappointed? Even with a late season collapse, the Yankees won 95 games, and made it to the sixth game of the American League Championship series.

Yankee fans consider that a failure, while Nationals fans prey for a .400 winning percentage in the regular season.

Yankees fans are lucky, and there is no reason to be disappointed. This was a great season, without many injuries or problems in the clubhouse. Not to mention that the Yankees will likely be back in the postseason next year, and many years to follow.

Furthermore, it’s not a bad thing for Major League Baseball to host an American League Champion that isn’t the Yankees for a change. Too much of anything can be very harmful, and it’s a pleasant change of pace to see a motivated, talented team such as the Rangers in the World Series.

And, of course, Yankee fan or not, you should never be disappointed when your team does not succeed. Sports are meant to be fun, and any sorrow that is created as a result of sports is unnecessary.

Yes, the Yankees lost, but the sun will rise tomorrow, and everyone’s lives will go along, unharmed.

NY Fans: you have it better than anyone, so try not to complain. Baseball fans: your right to watch, enjoy, and root for your team is precious enough, and it’s a victory for us all.

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23 Responses to Dear Yankee fans: Be Proud, Be Grateful

  1. Well said. I share your sentiments exactly.

  2. Dave Gross says:

    I agree but I really love to win all the time. Just hate losing.

  3. Robert G. Kramer says:

    For all of the pitching and offensive problems this year, I am proud of this Yankee team for getting this far!!!

    Rob, I agree that other teams winning in the post season is good for baseball even though it's hard on us!

  4. John P. says:

    it sucks to lose, really does…but at least we don't gotta listen to the network yankee haters

  5. Jess, I agree with most of your points, except for this: "Furthermore, it’s not a bad thing for Major League Baseball to host an American League Champion that isn’t the Yankees for a change." The Yankees have been AL Champions exactly twice in the last nine years. That's hardly a pinstripes epidemic there.

    • Jess says:

      True. But they were also American League Champions three times in the past ten years, and seven times in the past 16 years (almost 50%). That's a pinstripes epidemic.

  6. Robert G. Kramer says:

    Sorry Jess, that should have been directed to you not Rob!

  7. Mindkind says:

    Well said. I've been reading all these anti-Yankees columns all over the web. Specially ESPN wow those people hate the Yankees. But I see it as this, the Yankees won 90+ games and got into the second round of the playoffs. That'a a pretty good season. Yes it falls short of the "Win it all-every year" mantra that people ask of the Yankees but a good season nontheless. I feel good about the roster even if it does need some retooling. The Yankees have good young players in the minors and some that are already helping the big club. The future is bright and thoughts of the Yankees being in trouble because they have old players is nonsense.

  8. seasoned observer says:

    The hardest pill to swallow is it feels like we beat ourselves. Missed opportunities that kept a puncher around until he KOed us late.

  9. AnjaKJ says:

    It is truly a shame that more fans don't share in this attitude.

    After all, how can you truly enjoy winning if you don't know how it feels to lose every now and then?

  10. Mindkind says:

    I think the lineup is not cohesive. I think Johnny Damon "connected" the lineup spots. Jeter>Damon>Teixeira>Arod-Cano…That's a singles,HR/singles, HR's/doubles, HR's/Doubles, HR's/Doubles lineup right there. Instead we had Jeter>Swisher>Teix>Arod>Cano….That's a singles/out, HR's/out, Hr's/out, HR's/out, HR's/Doubles lineup (this year). With no "connection", an "all or nothing" approach. Jeter hits singles or hits into DP's, then Swisher goes in and sometimes hits a HR or K's/flies out, then teix HR's or strikes out, then Arod either homers or flies out, then there is Cano who was consistent all year. No clutch hitting, no bunts, no productive outs, no "connection" from one batter to the next.

    • I think this is a good point, Mindkind, and shows what the Yankees lacked this year–a guy in JD with power but also the mindset to get base hits instead of just swinging for the fences. Unlike a good many Yankees, also, JD–and Matsui–took the ball the other way, something to which I'd like to see the '11 Yankees return.

  11. Mindkind says:

    I agree with you AnjaKJ.

  12. Robert G. Kramer says:

    Another bat to consider returning is Abreu. If Crawford signs with the Angels as expected there will be no room for him in their outfield. I like the idea of him as DH for us.

    • Bronx Knight says:

      We don't have room for any DH types until Jorge retires. And Mr. Bad-Attitude Abreu is just about the last ex-Yankee I would like to see return.

      • Mike S. says:

        How old do you want this team to get? No to Abreu. No to Damon. In 2011, you may already have this from five players. A-Rod. 36 in July. Jeter 37 in June. Mo is 41 next month. Posada 40 next August and Andy 39 next June.

        You want Damon (37 in two weeks), Abreu (37 next March) or Matsui? (37 next summer)? What is this an old-age home?

        What do you want, 1965 revisited?

        This team needs to break in Montero and move Jorge to full-time DH. More Nunez at short and 3B (20-30 games at each position) to give Jeter and Alex more rest and DH time may be necessary too.

        • The big problem with Posada as full time DH is that his recent numbers there are poor. That's why I suggest the almost two and a half years younger Abreu as primary DH and an emergency outfielder. I also think Montero will not be promoted until mid season and catch sparingly in the second half so Posada will see a good amount of time catching. The whole dynamic changes for 2012.

  13. Mindkind says:

    Yeah Jason I still can't believe the Yankees let Damon go. Taking the ball the other way is another big part of hitting that this years lineup really didn't do outside of Cano. I'd take a chance here by saying try and sign Lee and see if Damon takes our offer this time. I don't think Abreu is a good fit for us Robert, the guy is scared of walls and DH has Posada written all over it. Where did Cashman get the idea of letting Damon AND Matsui go? I still don't get it and probably never will.

    • Mike S. says:

      See my response above. Exactly how many guys over 36 do you want on this team? They are getting too old. The hardest thing in sports (ask Bernie) is when to tell legends goodbye. But you can't have a team where 1/3 of the team is over 35.

  14. Mindkind says:

    Mike you're right but Jeter will not move to another position at least not in 2011, so forget about Nunez for now. Montero I do agree let's bring him up and let him take over little by little. How then would you help the lineup in terms of guys that drive the ball the other way, clutch hits, not just looking for the Homeruns time hitter than this lineups is filled with? Damon maybe be old but signing him to a 1-year contract won't hurt the team. I don't want the Yankees to overpay for Crawford (gardner). For 2011 I would like the Yankees to bring back Damon to DH or get Adam Dunn to DH and sign Cliff Lee. That would be a good off season.

    • Mike S. says:

      How is Adam Dunn going to help in terms of drive the ball the other way, not just look for HR? 48.4% of Dunn's PA in 2010 consisted of one of three things. HR, walk or strikeout. He struck out 199 times. He clogs the bases and can't play D. It'd be a return to Giambi-ball with someone who strikes out even more than Giambi did.

      What do you expect of Damon next year? His average dropped in 2010, as did his HR and RBI (yes, expected due to Detroit, but that decline will continue). There is too much age. It is a problem because you'll need replacements and no one is looking forward to the day when any of the core four (and Alex, who is 36 next July) have to give it up. But as they decline, so does the team. One scout mentioned that they looked "old" in the ALCS. It didn't help that younger guys (Teixeira and Swisher, Robertson and Hughes) didn't help. But the aging of the team is a problem. It's hard to tell legends goodbye, but eventually, one-by-one, it's got to be done.

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