Derek Jeter’s Girlfriend Minka Kelly Named Sexiest Woman Alive

Derek Jeter‘s average might have dropped a bit, but his taste in women haven’t. Esquire magazine just named Jeter’s girlfriend, Minka Kelly, the sexiest woman alive and had quite the hot photo spread of her. And because I’m such a nice guy, and happen to agree with Esquire, here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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4 Responses to Derek Jeter’s Girlfriend Minka Kelly Named Sexiest Woman Alive

  1. Whitney says:

    These photos are amazing and while we as woman, Jeter fans first and foremost, can sit and express our "hate" for Minka, no one can deny that these photos don't sizzle. Good for you Minka…

  2. BeckyBravo says:

    Jeter has really good taste. A-Rod should take notes.

  3. steven bazzicalupo says:

    dam jeet gr8 looking chick

  4. Bleacherfansrockon says:

    Hottest Absolutely beautiful . Always was my fav from the first sight of her. Millions and popularity only reason that's his. Of course I'm jealous but she wouldn't be waiting for me either. I do not dislike the Yankees . Just the Yankee fans. 85% of Yankees are not from the Bronx and are scared to go there other than Yankee stadium or Arthur ave.

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