Girardi Accepts Same Incentives Torre Found Insulting

When Joe Torre parted ways with the Yankees after the 2007 season a big reason was because he said he was insulted by the team’s insistence that incentives be included in the deal.

Today the Yankeees agreed to a three-year $9 million deal with Joe Girardi with an additional $450,000-$500,000 in ALCS/World Series incentives.

Will Girardi walk away from the Yankees disgusted and insulted? Absolutely not. Because this is the nature of the business and Torre was probably a little too sensitive the last time around.

If he really wanted to stay with the Yankees, he would have just accepted the deal back then. But both parties moved on and for the Yankees it has been for the better. They’ve won a World Series under Girardi and despite being disappointed in 2010, will have another decent shot at a title in 2011.

I wonder if the members of the media that always stuck up for Torre blindly will notice the same similarities I have here.

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3 Responses to Girardi Accepts Same Incentives Torre Found Insulting

  1. Mike S. says:

    Girardi knows what the deal is. That is why he wears the uniform # he does.

  2. Mindkind says:

    Good stuff from Girardi. I'm Happy for him. 3 years $9 millions is a lot of money plus incentives, what kind of money was Torre asking for? Closer money? I'm happy the managerial situation is settled now we can move on to other things that need attention. I hope they keep Tony Peña and bring back Larry Bowa.

  3. Mike B. says:

    First let me say I am happy for Joe Girardi.

    Now this was a ridiculous comparisson between the two, at this point. Joe Torre won 4 World Series titles & 2 AL Pennants & in the post season every year as Yankees skipper.

    More important Joe was the class of baseball management. Beter known as St. Joe during the dynasty years, just ask any of the Core 4.

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