Heyman on the Yankees: Core 4, Lee, Greinke, Crawford, Werth, Dunn, Montero

Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated recently wrote a column on the Yankees offseason. A lot of what he wrote were just guesses, but educated ones, and a lot of what he wrote is based off his sources which he has a lot of. So take this for what it’s worth, good but ultimately not solid information.

Here are some highlights:

  • Heyman expects Joe Girardi to resign for at least $3 million per year.
  • Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera are “all but certain to be back.”
  • The Yankees suspect that Andy Pettitte willbe back.
  • Word is that Cliff Lee will ask for the same 7-year $161 million deal that CC Sabathia got.
  • The Yankees will want to offer Lee less years, but rotation question marks could force them to pay Lee whatever he wants.
  • Heyman thinks Zack Greinke might not be a good fit, but they will look into him.
  • If the Yankees can’t get either Lee or Greinke they will try to find another front-line starter or improve their offense by signing either Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth.
  • The Yankees like Crawford more than Werth.
  • The Yankees have mulled over Adam Dunn, but appear to want to keep the DH spot open.
  • The plan behind the plate next year is to share time between Jorge Posada, Francisco Cervelli, and rookie Jesus Montero.
  • Joba Chamberlain, Brett Gardner, and Nick Swisher could all be used as trade bait.

I actually agree with most of what he wrote. The biggest news of this piece is probably the bit about the Yankees looking to upgrade their offense if they fail to get a big starter. Also that they’ve been thinking about Dunn, but appear to not be so interested. There is also the news that they expect Montero to play a role on the team next year.

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3 Responses to Heyman on the Yankees: Core 4, Lee, Greinke, Crawford, Werth, Dunn, Montero

  1. emerson says:

    trade joba.burnett,thames,and try to bring to bronx big calibers players like cliff lee,dunn,werth……….also..dont let kerry wood walk away..keep the man

  2. Mike S. says:

    Trade them. To whom? You need a taker, and right now who would take A.J.'s contract?

    I am not interested in Dunn. Get ballplayers who are MULTI-dimensional. Who can run, go first to third, steal a bases, bunt, hit behind the runner, field. Not one-dimensional. Dunn hits 40 HR. Ok. He also doesn't run well, field well and doesn't top .260 too often while striking out about 180-200 times.

    Where would Dunn play? DH? You need that open for the aging Posada, Jeter and A-Rod. 1B? Nope. Not with Teix there, and I don't want Dunn in the OF.

    How many winning teams has been been on? Few? Maybe there is a correlation.

  3. Yeah, his post wasn't realistic. Nobody is taking AJ and Dunn doesn't fit onto this team.

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