How to Have a Yankee Halloween

So if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably waited until the last minute to choose a Halloween costume. You love the Yankees, but just putting on a Yankee hat and your Rivera jersey isn’t really gonna cut it.

Here are some last minute ideas:

1. Cliff Lee – Yankee Free Agent Acquisition

I’m going as this personally. actually will not let you custom make a Yankee jersey with Lee as the name and 33 or 36 as the number. So I went ahead and created my own Lee – 36 jersey (I assume that’s the number he’d get, since Swisher is 33 and Burnett is 34 – the only other numbers Lee as worn). I’m also taking a Yankee hat and using baby powder to get the brim all “rosin-y” just how Cliff likes it. Not shaving for a few days helps complete the look (since I’m pretty sure his little soul patch thing is going to have to go when he puts on the pinstripes). If you can wear pants and shoes that mimic the rest of the uniform, even better.

2. Good AJ – Bad AJ

Wear a #34 jersey and then dress yourself half in devil attire and half in angel attire. You can write various things on your arms in lieu of tattoos (get creative) and even carry around a towel with whipped cream, in case anyone hits a walkoff.

3. The Boss

Lots of different things you can do with this. You could do late 70’s George, with an old-school suit (think plaid jacket) and the big hair or you can do the more recent George with smaller, gray hair and a navy blazer with white turtleneck. Either way, you add on a pair of angel wings and a halo and carry around a checkbook and you’re good to go. Throughout the night, keep threatening to fire Casey Stangel and replace him with Miller Huggins. Also, get very vocal about your current efforts to sign Ted Williams.

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