Johnny Damon Wants to Come Back to Yankees

Via the NY Post:

Johnny Damon will be wearing a new hat next season and he is very open to it having NY on the front of it.

“I would love to have that as an option,” Damon told The Post when asked if Johnny II in The Bronx were a possibility. “It would be very exciting to go back there.”

Damon was informed by the Tigers they will look elsewhere to find a designated hitter and since they have young outfielders, it’s time for the 36-year-old with 2,571 career hits to move on.

“They told me they are looking for a prototypical type DH like Adam Dunn,” Damon said. “They said they need that type of bat in the middle of order. I am a No. 1 or 2 guy, so . . .”

Damon’s OPS dropped nearly .100 points this season and he was limited to just 36 games in the outfield while DH’ing in 97 other games. He earned $8 million and repeated turned down offers to rejoin the Yankees at around $4 million.

He may want to rejoin the Yankees in 2011, but it’s hard to imagine them even offering him the $4 million they offered him a year ago. He may not even have a clearly defined role even if Lance Berkman, Marcus Thames, and Nick Johnson do not return as Jorge Posada will probably have to DH more than ever with Jesus Montero coming up.

So realistically, Damon is probably only coming back to the Bronx if he accepts a bench role at much less money than he is accustomed to earning.

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5 Responses to Johnny Damon Wants to Come Back to Yankees

  1. Mike S. says:

    Agreed. The biggest problem regarding Damon (or even Matsui) is that the 2011 Yankees will have Posada (40 in August 2011), Jeter (37 next summer) and A-Rod (36 next summer). That DH slot may have to be rotated among the three of them more and more. A lot depends on their health, and even if healthy, their ability to still perform defensively. For all the knocks in the past few years that Jeter has taken, Posada's defense is also getting very worrisome, and if Alex's hip acts up, he could be a liability defensively as well. The need to keep DH open for these three seems to suggest that adding more DH-only type players would be inadvisable. You can't have a team with all DH-types. Someone has to play the field, and as we have seen with some (Giambi, Thames, Abreu's fear of walls/diving, etc.), defense is an important and overlooked part of the game. As everyone ages and some or all need more DH time, you have to pick and choose who stays and who goes. Unfortunately for JD and Matsui, they get the wrong end of the stick. You can't have a team loaded with aging DH-type players.

  2. Well said Mike. I would add that if Damon agreed to a $2 million deal and didn't expect to play about 80 games (60 at DH and probably 20 in the field) I think he could fit on this team. But after last offseason when he had completely unreasonable expectations, I don't think that would happen.

  3. Bronx Knight says:

    I like Johnny D. quite a bit, but I just don't see what he adds to our team at this point in his career. J.D. thinks he is a no. 1 or no. 2 hitter, but I don't see how you would start J.D. ahead of Gardner, Granderson, Jeter, or Swisher in either of those spots on the Yankees. Plus J.D. can't field effectively anymore.

    Sayonara, Johnny.

  4. Dante says:

    Last offseason Damon passes on the Yankees 2 years/ 14M offer and so now he's holding his pu_z. What a Schmuck!!

  5. john pellegrino says:

    Damon should keep playing .How do think Damon would do as a skipper?

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