Lance Berkman Doesn’t Like to Platoon/DH

Berkman actually had a no trade clause and $15 million 2011 option with the Astros. When he was traded, in order to agree to waive his NTC, he had the Yankees promise not to use his option. It’s not often a player Berkman’s age wants a team to promise not to pay him $15 million so it was a pretty strong indications that he didn’t want to stay in the Bronx past this season.

Now he’s pretty much confirmed that.

Via the NY Daily News:

Would returning to the Bronx in a platoon role be to his liking?

“No, I don’t think so,” Berkman said. “I don’t like to platoon. If I was the manager I would platoon me because I’ve been so bad righthanded this year. But I don’t think that’s a permanent problem. I’ve never been as good righthanded as I have lefthanded, but I can certainly be a lot more competitive than I was this year. I like to play every day. The DH role is great but I also like to play the field. I feel like I’ve got something to offer still defensively.”

Now Berkman isn’t disgruntled or anything like that. He understood what he was getting into before he waived his NTC. He’s here because he wants a chance to play in competitive games and a shot at a World Series title. After this though he’s looking to move on and get regular playing time again.

Besides, the Yankees have Jorge Posada under contract for another year and if he’s shown anything this season it’s that he’s not capable of catching every day anymore. Between that and the fact that catching prospect Jesus Montero should be ready next year, Posada is likely to need a lot of playing time as the DH. There simply is no room for Berkman even if he wanted to come back next season.

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2 Responses to Lance Berkman Doesn’t Like to Platoon/DH

  1. Otto Schaden says:

    I figured Berkman and Kearns would be gone as soon as the season ended … not exactly great pickups by Cashman. Some

    NL pitchers would have contributed more with the bat in the final weeks than those two.

    Granderson finally showed some life late in the season. His

    best seasons with detroit were at leadoff — and it is clear that Jeter is not leadoff material if he does not return to his usual form next year.

    Here the Cubs writers were waiting for Girardi — he hung on in the first round, though I expected three and out based upon their September swoon! Now we must see if Lee is as great as the ESPN sportswriter claim ….

  2. I wouldn't say either was a bad deal by Cashman. It didn't cost the Yankees anything to acquire either and the Astros paid most of Berkman's contract. Berkman also hit .299 with a .793 OPS over the final month. That's pretty good.

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