Quote: Cashman Admits to Bad Offseason

Via the NY Daily News:

“I didn’t have a great winter last year,” the general manager said. “A lot of the things I wound up doing didn’t benefit us as much as I wish they would. Some didn’t benefit at all.”

Yeah, Cashman had a bad offseason. Fresh off winning the 2009 World Series, he had a delicate job of trying to fix what isn’t broken. It would be easy if players didn’t age or have contracts that ran out, but that obviously isn’t the case.

Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon were two of the bigger names that left and Javier Vazquez, Curtis Granderson, and Nick Johnson were the bigger names that came aboard.

The Yankees missed Matsui’s steady bat at DH this season, Vazquez bombed as the team’s fourth starter, Johnson was an injured mess, and the only thing that seemed to work out was Granderson. Even that came after months of injuries and ineffectiveness.

Cashman almost made up for his poor winter with in-season moves. Trading for Kerry Wood and Lance Berkman, who were key contributors down the stretch.

Ultimately it wasn’t enough though as the Yankees fell short of their ultimate goal and Cashman will have to fix his own mistakes this offseason.

My biggest problem with last offseason, losing Arodys Vizcaino, the young pitching prospect who was part of the Boone Logan trade.

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  1. Marc Perez says:

    like you said though, Logan can end up being the Yanks main lefty out of the pen for years to come

  2. I have no problem trading 18-year-old pitching prospects in most cases. But i wouldn’t want to try any good pitching prospect for a LOOGY.

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