Sabathia, Wood, and Rivera Can Go 6 Innings Tonight

The Yankees have their hopes hinged on Phil Hughes‘ arm tonight, but if need be they could turn to CC Sabathia, Kerry Wood, and Mariano Rivera for as much as two innings each.

Sabathia wasn’t asked by Yankee management, he approached them and told them he could go for about 45-50 pitches today if they need. That probably means two innings, but could possibly mean up to four if the Yankees really needed and he pitched efficiently.

Manager Joe Girardi committed to using both Wood and Rivera for two innings each. Reporters asked Girardi if he would still use Wood and Rivera tomorrow if he went with them for two innings today, he wouldn’t commit to it, but left open the possibility.

It would be a risky move to use both Wood and Rivera for four innings over the final two games like this, but burning them out for the World Series would be better than not reaching the World Series. Also, losing with either of them on the mound would be a lot easier to stomach than one of the b-squad guys.

My guess is that Sabathia won’t pitch today unless Hughes doesn’t have his best stuff.

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3 Responses to Sabathia, Wood, and Rivera Can Go 6 Innings Tonight

  1. smurfy says:

    I'd use Robertson, Burnett for an inning, and bring Logan, the loogie, in, with everybody on a short leash.

  2. I wonder if Girardi is going to wait until the 9th to bring CC in?

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