Yankeees Announce ALDS Roster

Via the Journal News:

The Yankees just sent out a release with their official roster for the ALDS. Here’s the breakdown:

Pitchers: Sabathia, Pettitte, Hughes, Burnett, Mitre, Moseley, Logan, Robertson, Chamberlain, Wood, Rivera

Catchers: Posada, Cervelli

Infielders: Teixeira, Cano, Jeter, Rodriguez, Berkman, Pena

Outfielders: Swisher, Granderson, Gardner, Thames, Kearns, Golson

They also announced that Andy Pettitte will start in game no. 2 and Phil Hughes in no. 3.

The big omissions are Javier Vazquez, Chad Gaudin, Royce Ring, and Ivan Nova. Eduardo Nunez and Chad Moeller are two others that might have made the team that were left off.

CC Sabathia, Pettitte, and Hughes are going to be the starters so that leaves A.J. Burnett, Sergio Mitre, and Dustin Moseley as the potential long-men. Although I have to think that Burnett would only be used in an emergency and Mitre could be a middle reliever who goes one or two innings at a time.

The only move I’m really surprised about is Ring because the Twins are a little bit left handed heavy. Ring really pitched terribly in every opportunity so I probably shouldn’t be surprised.

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3 Responses to Yankeees Announce ALDS Roster

  1. Jason from The Heart says:

    I really thought Nunez had a shot as a pinch-runner. Pena's glove is mint, but will he play except for injury? I guess he adds some OF flexibility should he pinch-run, but Golson would likely take the field anyway should Pena run for, say, Swisher.

  2. Matt says:

    I am surpised it's Golson, too. Nunez has shown some bat along with his speedl; and he's a second infielder rather than carrying six outfielders. I wonder if Kearns was ever considered the odd man out. If he doesn't start against Liriano then they should have kept Golson & Nunuez.

  3. From what they are saying on YES, it sounds like Kearns is not starting tonight. I think the Yankees probably just want their best batters no matter what handedness they are against Liriano in game one. I think they still would use Kearns against lefty middle relievers.

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