Yankees Chapter of the BBA Announces AL Rookie of the Year Selection

The other day you might have noticed a post on the Yankees Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance that announced our vote for the winner of the Manager of the Year Award, or the Connie Mack Award. Today we are presenting another such award – this time for the rookie of the year, or Willie Mays Award.

The Willie Mays Award is our version of the Rookie of the Year Award. We named it after him because Mays won the ROY in his rookie season as a 20-year-old when he smacked 20 homers and put up a 120 OPS+ in his first season and went on to have one of the greatest careers of any major leaguer ever.

The BBA is comprised of nearly 300 baseball blogs and will shortly announce the winners, but first the votes must be cast. As chapter president of the Yankees chapter, I have collected and will announce the votes of the Yankees blogs that are members of the BBA. There are 13 eligible Yankee blogs that vote and our final decision counts as two votes in the overall BBA voting for each award.

Here are the eligible Yankees blogs that voted:

Here is how they voted:

Also receiving votes were Brian Matusz of the Orioles, Wade Davis of the Rays, and Dusty Hughes of the Royals.

I sense a reluctance in Yankee bloggers to vote for their former prospect Jackson. It might be that it’s hard to see their former player thrive outside of New York. Feliz is certainly deserving though and we as a group may have voted for him due to our love for closers thanks to Mariano Rivera.

Valencia just snuck in there to take third place over Matusz. Valencia’s numbers were actually better than Jackson’s and his contributions were vital to his team making the playoffs, but he did not play as much this season as he was only a midseason call-up.

Coming up we have the Goose Gossage Award (top reliever), the Walter Johnson Award (top pitcher), and the Stan Musial Award (top hitter) that we will announce in the next few days. So be sure to check back for those.

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