Yankees Decline Options on Wood, Johnson, and Berkman

This was expected, but now it’s official.

Via Chad Jennings of the Journal News:

As expected, the Yankees have declined the option to extend the contracts of Kerry Wood, Lance Berkman and Nick Johnson through next season. All three will become free agents.

My guess is that the only one of these three that they will even try to resign is Wood, but the chances of that are slim. The Yankees aren’t going to want to pay a middle reliever the type of money he can fetch as a closer. The only way he’d stay in the Bronx is if he would be willing to accept less to stay here.

The Yankees did pick up the option for RHP Andrew Brackman, but that was an obvious call.

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2 Responses to Yankees Decline Options on Wood, Johnson, and Berkman

  1. Harold Lamie says:

    I have been a Yankee fan since the age of eight. Sixty three years and I have seen about everything. I also know hindsight is 20-20 vision, but I've seen a lot of things in the last few years I just don't understand. Common sense doesn't seem to play a part a lot of the time. That is in trading and managing. I'll have more comments later.

  2. I'm intrigued, but you are going to have to elaborate. I'm just confused.

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