Yankees Fire Pitching Coach Dave Eiland

From Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News via Twitter:

Cashman drops a bomb: Dave Eiland will not return as pitching coach.

I wish I could say I am surprised by this, but honestly it might be time for a chance at pitching coach. Unlike with hitting coach Kevin Long, there aren’t many players that you can point to that Eiland was especially effective with. At the same time Javier Vazquez and A.J. Burnett were nearly record setting bad for the Yankees.

Eiland also took quite a bit of personal time off in the middle of this season while Burnett just started to tank. It’s possible that Eiland has something serious going on in his life that he needs to step away from baseball to attend to.

Probably the biggest question I have after this news is if Eiland is the first coach or the only coach that will lose his job this offseason.

As for replacements for Eiland there has been nobody mentioned yet. It’s hard to take a guess at right off the top of my head who it might be. It’s possible that it could be somebody from the minor leagues, but I don’t think that’s a strong possibility. One guy who is out of a job that I would like to see the Yankees hire: David Cone.

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6 Responses to Yankees Fire Pitching Coach Dave Eiland

  1. Ron says:

    How about Dave Righetti?

    For all the obvious reasons and because he actually is a good pitching coach.

  2. That's an interesting idea. I don't even know if he is a free agent or not though. I'll look into it. He has had his eye on a managerial position in the past though. So he may want to stay in San Fran and hold out for that. Especially if he wins the World Series this year.

  3. NYYank55 says:

    Coney sounds like a great idea to me. I'll sign up for that any day. Righetti would also be a great choice.

  4. Mussina and triple-A pitching coach Scott Aldred may also be in the running. Of course this is pure speculation.

  5. seasoned observer says:

    Maybe a shot across Garardi's bow?

  6. It could be, but I think that the front office genuinely likes Girardi. They just expected more out of Eiland.

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