Yankees Free Agent Rumors: Vazquez Interested in Joining Nationals 5

Via Bill Ladson of MLB.com:

Yankees right-hander Javier Vazquez would be interested in playing on an East Coast team next season, including the Nationals, according to a baseball source close to the hurler.

Vazquez has made it known over the years that he doesn’t want to play for a West Coast team because he doesn’t want to be far away from in family, which lives in Puerto Rico.

The Nationals are in need of starting pitching and Vazquez could be a good fit if he came at a reasonable price. He made $11.5 million this season.

Vazquez is pretty much at the bottom of the Yankees concerns right now. There is no chance he comes back and even though he is a type-B free agent they will not offer him arbitration out of fear that he might accept it.

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5 thoughts on “Yankees Free Agent Rumors: Vazquez Interested in Joining Nationals

  • Jason from The Heart

    So long, Javy. Thanks for the game effort, but this was a deal that didn't work out well at all for the Yanks. One clear opening in the rotation, regardless of what Pettite decides (hopefully to return).

    One question I have is, who becomes the next choice, by free agency, trade, or internally, should the Yanks not land Lee? After him, it is NOT a bumper crop of arms. I also wonder whether or not Lee will want to leave Texas, and whether or not Texas, which had a very low team payroll (~$65 million opening day 2010 [Cot's]), will pony up C.C.-like cash to retain him. Hard to say, since the Rangers' payroll has hovered in the mid- to high-$60s million since 2006, but Lee has been so vital to their success.

    Does Ivan Nova then get an honest shot? He would need to build some stamina past 85-90 pitches, it seems, but was quite good in his debut late last season. Do the Yankees package Joba with others in a trade? Brackman still appears a year or more away, but has dramatically improved. Basically, and I know it's at an extremely early stage, I wonder what people envision/want to see this off-season regarding the rotation in the event that the Yankees do not sign Lee.

  • david k.

    I never like signing 32 yr old free agent pitchers to huge contracts. It's a recipe for a 6 or 7 year disaster. We should not go after Cliff Lee, even if he is the best right now. He has never been the healthiest of starters, either. Even if we don't win next year, it is better to take our medicine and try to get younger and better players. If the Texas series was any indication, we need better hitting, better starting pitching, better relief pitching, better catching, better everything. Throwing a huge bonanza at Cliff Lee will not solve this problem.

  • Dan S

    I think they need to get younger and develop from within. I like Ivan Nova for the fifth spot. I like Eduardo Nunez but I also like Ramiro Pena. I think he's better defensively than Nunez, although he can't hit worth beans. I think if Kevin Long worked with him for a while he could turn him into at least an acceptable hitter, and they could keep him. I like the idea of keeping Gardner. I think Jeter should work with him, teach him how to bunt. With Gardner's speed, he would be able to bunt for a hit, instead of just a sacrifice bunt. Also, Jeter is an artist when it comes to fouling off pitches until he gets the one he wants. If he could teach Gardner how to do that, what a one-two punch that would be at the top of the order.

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