Yankees Lose ALCS, Texas to the World Series

The Texas Rangers out-hit, out-pitched, and out-managed the Yankees every step of the way throughout the entire ALCS and beat the Yankees 6-1 tonight as they take the series 4-2. They will advance to the World Series against the Winner of the Philly/San Fran series.

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5 Responses to Yankees Lose ALCS, Texas to the World Series

  1. seasoned observer says:

    Well Rob Three weeks ago I said that the Yanks wouldn't go far cause they haven't hit in crucial situations all year. You threw a flurry of stats my way disproving what I thought I was seeing. So I resigned to stick with you and wait for your numbers to carry us through. Wrong!! 4 for their last 45 with RISP. I hate to say I told you so. But I told you so.

  2. During the season, more times than not, they did come through in those situations. However, you throw those numbers out the window mostly. Over 162 games, the pitchers you face are generally a lot worse than the ones you face in the playoffs. Maybe baseball-reference should add a split for facing winning teams and losing teams. Those situations probably stood out more to you because nobody really looks back and remembers games against the Royals. In the end you are right and I'm sad.

  3. Mike S. says:

    Forget how they did with RISP. How about getting on in the first place? They hit .201 for the ALCS, got only two hits in Game 3 and just 3 in Game 6.

  4. That's a good point, you can't hit w RISP if you can't hit.

  5. seasoned observer says:

    One begets the other. After failing the snowball starts rolling down hill. You try to do more and more equals less, You stop hitting the ball where it's pitched and try yank it out. The key to killing the Yankee lineup is soft stuff out and hard in. No secrets there. They are mostly dead red pull hitters. They're patient if your missing and wait for you to throw fastballs fir strikes, If you get ahead bust them inside and the pop up and if your go soft outside and they roll over and ground weakly, Aside from Cano and Jeter ,( when he's not beating it into the ground), no one hits to the opposite field. When Tex was hot he went the other way and for a while got better pitches to hit. Posada's epic at bat that led to the come back win finally ended with a single to the oppisite field. Arod's game tying Hr against Papalbon Llast year was to right center. See a pattern here? The league caught on in Aug and Sept. and the Yanks were sunk. The fact that the home plate ump for game 6 had a wide outside strike zone spelled doom from the get go. So the lack of hitting was good scouting combined with no adjustment by our guys. Where's our coaching staff at this point? Maybe they're afraid to tell high priced talent to change it up and be keep the line moving hitter rather then get back in it with a blast. Either way we need more table setters and less power oriented game breakers. All that and not to mention the momentum you gibe the other team when they shut down a rally, see game 4, and the pressure you put on your pitching because you never tack on.

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