Yankees Manager Joe Girardi In Favor of Instant Replay

The play Yankees manager Joe Girardi is discussing is Greg Golson‘s catch in the ninth inning of game one that should have ended the game, but instead was ruled a trap.


“As long as it doesn’t slow the games down,” Girardi said in the visiting manager’s office before Thursday night’s Game 2.

“I couldn’t really see it but I go by the reaction of the players and they usually tell you a lot,” Girardi said. “[Golson] said he caught it, so I asked the umpires to convene. After they come back with that decision there’s really not much I can do, but I appreciate them getting together because it might be a call that’s overturned.”

“If Thome hits a home run there and the Twins go on to win, it could change the complexion of the series,” Girardi said.

“Could they have reviewed that play as quick as they talked about it? Probably,” Girardi said. “It takes the same amount of time. To me, that’s the great thing about technology. They can slow everything down. And there’s different things you can do. You could have an umpire right in front of a TV. They could do that. So it could actually speed up the game.”

I initially didn’t make too much of a big deal about this replay issue because ultimately the Golson play wasn’t that big of a deal because it did not effect the outcome of the game. There will be another play that has a larger effect than the Golson play (the Berkman non-strike0ut being different because replay wouldn’t cover balls and strikes).

This is a big deal though. There is no reason not to have instant replay in baseball. It’s technically already part of the sport in a small way and it has become a prevalent part of all sports today.

There is no reason it has to slow down the pace of the game. Every time there is an incorrect call the managers usually are out there arguing for 5-10 minutes anyway, slowing down the pace of the game. If replay is instituted, they could just make a rule that managers aren’t allowed to argue to call.

It’s pathetic and it needs to end. Preferably baseball could even institute something before the ALCS.

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3 Responses to Yankees Manager Joe Girardi In Favor of Instant Replay

  1. smurfy says:

    Now that we at home can get the call right with slo mo from many angles, it's inevitable. Betcha they'll also eventually engineer a balls-and-strikes aide.

    Hand it to Greg Golson: first that unbelievable throw, now this (apparently) unbelievable catch!

  2. guinness26 says:

    I have a question? If I made more than a million a year and waited as long to make money losing decisions as Joe G does, I think I would be fired! Im sitting at home knowing that CC is not going to last the 7th, yet Joe G and his staff not only lose a 2 up lead, they falter to a 7- 2 loss….For Christ Sake…….we are 7- 1 against a team that a month ago was in last place THANKS JOE FOR ANOTHER YEAR OF PISS POOR DECISIONS!

    • Give me a break…CC was on the mound in the 7th inning and was not really that close to his typical pitch count. There is no reason to second guess there unless you are misunderstanding something that goes on.

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