Yankees News: Hughes In Game 2, Pettitte in 3, Rosters, and More

It’s Thursday, that means today is the last day we have to suffer though before the Yankees start back up again. Was this long delay really necessary?

Here are some notes:

At first I wanted Pettitte to start game two, but the more I think about it the more I am comfortable with him starting game three against Lee. Believe it or not, Lee isn’t invincible and if anybody is up for raising to the occasion it is probably Pettitte.

If the Yankees are down 3-0, you’d better believe that CC will come back and start on short rest in game four.

Good bye and good riddance to Vazquez. I defended him early and often at first, but this season really was a bust. It’s a shame they can’t even get a draft pick out of him, but it’s really not worth the risk to offer him arbitration.

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3 Responses to Yankees News: Hughes In Game 2, Pettitte in 3, Rosters, and More

  1. Jason from The Heart says:

    I too am fine with the juxtaposition of Hughes and Pettite. Hughes has been very good in Texas, and neutralizing righty power versus Texas is vital to Yankee success. Plus, few are better choices to oppose a big-game pitcher like Lee in Game 3 than one of the very best big-game pitchers ever, Andy Pettite. Fine by me. Burnett must be good; a solid performance by him would go a long way toward enhancing the Yankees' post-season chances, especially should they enter Game 4 with a series lead (as I believe they will).

    I too think the world of Lee, but don't consider him invincible either. Excellent pitcher, great demeanor, tough competitor–still mortal.

  2. smurfy says:

    If we are down 0 for 3, Rob, our ace would have already fallen. Our only hope would be our wild card. Burnett's gonna trump 'em. Rock on, Yankees!

  3. Not necessarily. Sabathia could pitch wonderfully and the bullpen could blow it. I find it hard to imagine Burnett pitching down 0-3. But then again, he would probably have to pitch down 1-3 anyway.

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