Yankees News: Lance Berkman and Mark Teixeira’s List of Injuries

Today is a big day for the Yankees and I have to say, I’m more uncertain about this game than I have been about a Yankee playoff game in years. When he’s good Phil Hughes shows front of the line type stuff, but occasionally he looks like a 24-year-old pitcher still learning the game. The Yankees season depends on which version they get.

Here are some notes:

  • Lance Berkman is still sore from the spill he took the other day. He also has a gash on his finger he inflicted upon himself when he was cutting up a credit card.
  • Speaking of Berkman’s fall, Mark Teixeira believes that the Yankees warning track is “very dangerous” and said it “needs to be fixed.”
  • Speaking of Teixeira, we found out that he’s been dealing with a swollen knee on top of the toe and thumb injuries he’s been dealing with. He believes that compensating for that is what caused his hamstring injury.

Tonight very well could be the last Yankees game of the season, but I have a good feeling about it. We’ll have more updates soon so check back in a little while.

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