Yankees Notes: Teixeira, Burnett, Rivera, and Girardi

Last night’s win over the Twins was exciting, but attention must immediately turn toward tonight’s matchup of Andy Pettitte against former Yankees disabled list mainstay Carl Pavano.

Here are some notes:

  • We found out yesterday that Mark Teixeira had a cortisone shot in his hand a couple of weeks back. Brett Gardner and Nick Swisher also had shots in September.
  • It sounds like A.J. Burnett may serve as short relief out of the bullpen. Joe Girardi said his only restriction would be that he wouldn’t pitch back-to-back days, but left open the possiblity that he could come in mid-inning with runners on.
  • Mariano Rivera now has 40 postseason saves, 31 of them have been more than 3 outs.
  • There is a report that said Girardi could be more interested in a job managing the Cardinals than the Cubs. I don’t buy it.

That’s all there is for now. I’m sure there will be more updates throughout the day and I’ll have the pitching preview before the game starts as well. So be sure to keep coming back throughout the day.

And as always, we’d love to hear your comments and questions so don’t hesitate to leave some love.

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2 Responses to Yankees Notes: Teixeira, Burnett, Rivera, and Girardi

  1. After last night's performance, there is no reason to think that Mo can't continue to dominate in this year. The only question might come up tonight. If the Yankees can, I'd like to see them avoid using him. Although he'll certainly come in if they need him to.

  2. Bronx Knight says:

    Mo was pretty vintage last night, four outs, three broken bats, hammering the strike zone with his cutter.
    The classic Yankees winning formula since 1996 has been that we make your pitchers work 12 innings — by drawing lots of pitches, working counts — but you have to beat us in 7 innings, because when the Sandman comes in, the game is over.
    So one of the great questions for this postseason is whether Mo can continue to be Mo (this assumes that Pettite and Hughes and our middle relief can carry a lead late into the game).
    I think he can, I hope he can …

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