Yankees Rumors: Leo Mazzone Interested In Pitching Coach Job

Via Justin Terranova of the NY Post:

The former Braves pitching coach said on Thursday that he would love to take on the same job with either the Mets or Yankees. [Leo Mazzone] was asked on Sirius/XM’s Mad Dog Radio if there was any particular job he would be interested in.

“Yeah, there certainly is,” Mazzone said. “ And it has New York in front of it, too. I mean, it can be in the American League or the National League.”

Mazzone is interested in either the Yankees or Mets job, but the catch here is the Mets already have a pitching coach and will probably have to find a new manager before they worry about Mazzone. This gives the Yankees an advantage, if they want him it sounds like they can get him.

Mazzone became a household name back in the 90’s when he was the pitching coach of so many great Braves pitching staffs. He most recently worked as the Orioles pitch coach, but was fired in 2008.

He has a history of working with both young and veteran pitchers. J.C. Bradbury wrote a book The Baseball Economist that dedicated an entire chapter to Mazzone and in the book he made the case that indeed he was a great pitching coach and even had strong credentials for the Hall of Fame.

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