Yankees Sending Joba Back to Pen in 2011

Via the NY Daily News:

Following a full season as a reliever, [Joba Chamberlain] is expected to resume that role in 2011, helping fill the back end of a bullpen that is likely to lose Wood to free agency.

“We consider him a bullpen guy in the back half of the bullpen,” Girardi said. “He had some ups and downs this year, but he had a lot of good games for us. He really did.”

I thought this season proved that Joba didn’t “belong in the bullpen” like so many people insisted.

It’s hard to think that the Yankees aren’t continuing to waste a talented young starter here, but it’s certainly possible that they’ve messed with his head beyond repair.

A starter in college, Joba was drafted as a starter, a starter in the minors, moved to the bullpen in the majors, was told he was going to be a starter the next season but started the year in the bullpen. After he was turned back into a starter he finished the year out of the bullpen. In the following year he was a starter but again finished in the bullpen. This season he was a starter in spring training only to start and finish the year as a reliever.

Follow all of that? I’m not sure he did either.

At least now in 2011 he’s going in knowing full well that he’s a reliever. It’s hard to feel like he won’t be traded this offseason.

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