Yankees Settle for Wild-Card

The Yankees fell behind the Red Sox early and could not mount a comeback as they lost to the Red Sox 8-4 in Fenway for the final game of the season.

Here are some highlights:

  • The loss means that the Yankees cannot win the division. Even if they end up in a tie with the Rays, they won more games head-to-head and would be awarded the AL East division.
  • The Yankees ALDS opponent will be the Minnesota Twins. Game 1 will be in Minnesota on Wednesday.
  • Dustin Moseley made the start tonight and gave up 4 runs over 5 innings.
  • Sergio Mitre pitched again today and was impressive again today. He was about the only effective reliever for the Yankees today.
  • Robinson Cano picked up his 200th hit of the season.
  • Cano and Nick Swisher both finished with 29 home runs.
  • Derek Jeter went 2-for-5 raising his average to .270.
  • The Red Sox stole 4 bases off of Jorge Posada, all in the 6th inning. It’s the second time the Red Sox have stolen that many bases off in an inning Posada in as many weeks.

A lot of people seem to be happy that the Yankees are winning the Wild-Card over the division as they perceive the Twins to be an easier opponent. That is a dangerous thought. First of all, to win the World Series a team has to be good enough to beat anybody. Second, the last time Yankee fans were in this situation, in 2006 they were happy to face the Detroit Tigers in the 1st round, the Tigers crushed the Yankees in the ALDS.

The playoffs start on Wednesday. We’ll have lots of good stuff throughout the week leading up to the playoffs so check back often.

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3 Responses to Yankees Settle for Wild-Card

  1. Mike S. says:

    Serious concerns about Posada in 2011, the last year of his contract, and a year in which he turns 40 in August. His D has slipped considerably, and his BA is the lowest since 1999.

    I, and several friends, would like Jorge to announce that 2011 will be his final year.

    None of the acrimony that surrounded Bernie. Go out like O'Neill. Announce this is it and go out on a high note.

    • Posada was awful as a DH this year and I'm holding out for the playoffs to see what his throwing has become. We'll get killed by a speedy team if he can't be better than he has looked lately (though there may have been some wet ball factor). Since I think Montero and Romine will at best be ready late next year (emphasis on at best) shopping for a stop gap in the Winter/Spring will tell ua a lot!

      • Mike S. says:

        June 1st was a turning point this year for a couple players.

        Jorge hit .224 from June 1st on, Jeter .254 (and that was with a .287 Sept/Oct.; Jeter's June .243, July .245 and August .239). Burnett after June 1st was 4-13, 6.48.

        For Gardner, July 1st. From that point on, he only hit .232.

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