Yankees Trade Rumors: Atlanta Interested in Eduardo Nunez

Via Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated:

The Braves have asked about Yankees shortstop prospect Eduardo Nunez. But New York may see him as an heir apparent to Derek Jeter (in a year or two, anyway), so its decision not to include him in a potential Cliff Lee trade is a bit more understandable.

Nunez has potential to hit for average in the major leagues, but probably has to improve both his defense and add a little pop to his bat to stick in the Yankees lineup. So talk about him being Jeter’s heir might be hubris.

I’m not surprised that there is interest in him out there from other teams though, even as a starting shortstop. If the Yankees really do see him as a potential heir to Jeter, they will probably only part with him in a big deal. Watch for his name to show up in rumors for big name starters this offseason if the Yankees miss out on Lee.

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2 Responses to Yankees Trade Rumors: Atlanta Interested in Eduardo Nunez

  1. joseph orlando says:

    success is the absence of excuses

  2. DirtyWater says:

    Quick what was Ramino Pena's batting average in 2009? HHHmmmmm… better than "Eithiopia Ed" Nunez's in 2010?

    Guess maybe the Braves are ignoring his crap fielding stats in the minors more than the Yankees tipping him to take over for Jeter…

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