Yankees Will Work Quickly to Re-Sign Joe Girardi

Via Chad Jennings of the Journal News:

Brian Cashman met with Hal Steinbrenner this morning, and he’ll meet with Joe Girardi’s agent tomorrow. Girardi wants to come back, the Yankees want him back and the negotiations are going to happen quickly.

“It doesn’t mean we’ll have anything to announce tomorrow, but there’s an interest level on both parties to keep moving forward together,” Cashman said. “We’ll let that work its way out. When we have something to discuss publicly, we will. Prior to that, I’m not going to give a debriefing on how my conversation went yesterday. The meetings will start tomorrow. Will it go long? Will it go days? Will it be quick? I can’t tell you.”

I’m sorry if you don’t like this news, but it’s happening. From everything I’m hearing is that it will be around 3 years and probably about $3 million a year or more.

Girardi lost leverage when the Cubs and Cardinals both resigned their managers which probably will help this move forward without issue. It would be a good thing for the Yankees to just get this over and done with quickly because Derek Jeter‘s contract could take up a lot of time and a potential Cliff Lee deal will take up a ton of time. There is a lot of other stuff to do beyond all of that so the sooner they can wrap up the small things the better.

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  1. NYYank55 says:

    I hope the Yankees low ball him ala Joe Torre so this stiff leaves town.

  2. That's just not going to happen. He's coming back, it's practically a done deal.

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