A Look at Where the Yankees Payroll Stands

When discussing the Yankees payroll for 2011 Hal Steinbrenner said yesterday that it would be about the same as it was in 2010.

The Yankees payroll for 2010 was about at $213 million when all was said and done. So we should anticipate the Yankees staying somewhere around there with the possibility of going up to maybe $215-$220 million.

Here is what they’ve already committed to in in 2011:

Arbitration Eligible players and their 2010 earnings:

Not yet arbitration eligible and 2010 earnings:

Players Yankees almost definitely will sign and 2010 earnings:

So they have roughly $142 million tied up already in 2011. Jeter and Co. earned nearly $50 million in 2010 and it’s hard to say what they will earn in 2011, but it probably won’t be short of at least $40 million. So let’s say that the Yankees have $182 million already tied up.

If they end up signing Cliff Lee for $25 million annually, that would put them at $207 million. That means, if my estimates are right (which they certainly could be wrong), the Yankees have about $8-13 million to play with this offseason. Of course, if I am way off on Jeter’s contract or the $215-$220 projection, they’ll have way less to deal with.

With that money they probably need to sign a right handed reliever or two, a lefty reliever, and probably two bench pieces. It does not appear that they will have the room financially to sign a Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth type. Maybe if they get creative with some trades…

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