Andy Pettitte Leaning Towards Retirement

We haven’t heard much from Andy Pettitte this winter, but the a reporter caught up with him at a charity golf tournament in Texas and he had some interesting things to say.

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“The three years were great here, there’s no doubt about it. But at this point in my career, it’ll be New York or it’ll be nowhere for sure. (I) just feel like I’ve done too many things up there and too many special things up there with that group of guys for too many years, not to finish it up … up there,” he said.

Pettitte has no timetable about when he’ll make his decision, but he did make it clear if he pitches in 2011, it will be his last season. Period.

“I’m just going to wait and see what my heart wants me to do. Right now, I can tell you my heart’s right here in Deer Park. If something happens and I play one more year that would be it. It would be one more year and that would be it,” he said.

First thing I want to say, if Pettitte doesn’t come back next season the Yankees are going to be left scrambling for another starter. They need Pettitte back. If their backup plan is Jorge de la Rosa that’s one huge drop-off and the Killer B’s (Dellin Betances, Andrew Brackman, and Manuel Banuelos) are still at the triple-A level and won’t quite be ready at the start of 2011.

Second is that it just doesn’t seem right to retire now. 2010 was a great season, but the way it ended for Pettitte was not a proper send-off. He flat out dominated in the first half only to spend most of the second half on the disabled list and then struggle with injuries in the playoffs.

I don’t know if they can get farther in 2011, but at least by knowing it would be his last year the Yankees can do things right and honor him the way he’s honered The Pinstripes while wearing them.

Finally the idea he might go somewhere else was not really a big threat this time around so that’s not big news. The fact that he’s leaning toward retirement is downright scary.

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16 Responses to Andy Pettitte Leaning Towards Retirement

  1. I'm not sure if "Right now, I can tell you my heart’s right here in Deer Park" qualifies as "leaning toward retirement." It's very early in the offseason.

  2. What more do you want him to say? I'd say that's leaning toward retirement. It's more of a statement toward retirement than he's ever made before.

  3. Mindkind says:

    I agree it's a leaning towards retirement statement. Pettite has been great for the Yankees and hopefully he comes back for 2011. The Yankees really need him because if he retires the Yankees will have another rotation hole to fill. Hopefully he comes back for one more dance and by then fingers crossed, one or more of the young arms in the minors will be ready to tango.

  4. smurfy says:

    Let ye hear now, this is the moment: Andy should come back as the second lefty Cashman wants for the pen. The first lefty, really, a world-beater Yankee. The definition of a great bullpen, for several years.

  5. There is no chance. Zero. That Pettitte would ever come back as a reliever. Forget about this. If he comes back he's a starter.

    He was great as a starter in 2010 anyway, why would you even want him to relieve? You'd be getting so much less out of him.

  6. Dave Gross says:

    Maybe he can retire and we can play a half a season and if we still need pitching talk him into coming back for the rest of the season.

  7. Mindkind says:

    Why would Pettite be a reliever? He is still effective as a starter. If every year he thinks about retiring even as one of the rotation leaders, why would he postpone retirement to come back in a bullpen role? And not even the most important role at that. Of course imagination is good Albert Einstein said so yeah Pettite out of the bullpen would be great one day assuming we have somebody better to take his spot in the rotation.

    • smurfy says:

      Between the groin pull and the spasmodic back, it's probably Andy's body that's barking at him "it's time to retire." He was magnificent starting, but maybe his 39yo body would hold up for the whole season, and several more, ala Mo, if the Yanks limit the strain. Maybe a two inning set up role, used on alternate days.

  8. Rook says:

    I would say that i agree with the first commenter that it is weak to say that his statement constitutes "leaning toward retirement" His family has been very supportive of his playing in NY and his kids love to come to the ballpark and see him play and just hang out. I think he will come back for one more year but if he doesn't Ivan Nova would probably be plan B over any of the other minor league options

    • He pretty much said, if I had to make up my mind right now I would retire. What about that makes you think he's not leaning toward retirement? I don't understand where this is coming from. Not only one commenter who can't follow logic, but two?

  9. Bill says:

    I think the Yanks need him and it could be rewarding. If it were me I would watch and see what happens with the building of the 2011 rotation if A.P. is our legit #3 or 4 maybe he comes back for a curtain call because they need a much better rotation to get to the big one and if he is preceded by proven C.C. caliber starters with A.J. as #5 which is where he belongs first because he is inconsistant second it may serve as a wake up call and light a fire under his butt or third we find out he is just what he is and that is what we have, we have a killer rotation, then take some of the young studs and build the pen with them. I think we could be looking at #28, BUT we need to get the line up right and get some consistent bench players and overall I believe the starters from Jete on down just had a little off year avg wise, they still produced to their credit, also Girardi needs to use better judgement in alot of aspects of the game management. GO GET US A 2ND TO NONE ROTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. john pellegrino says:

    Play Pettite Play! The chance to play in the MLB is the lifelong dream of almost every young boy in America.You should play all day long.

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