Congrats to World Series Winning Giants

Congrats to the Giants. They might have left New York in the 50’s, but there are a few people in New York celebrating their team’s first World Series since 1954.

Also good to see former Yankees Brian Sabean, Dave Righetti, Roberto Kelly and Hensley Meulens as chapmpions even if they are no longer in Pinstripes.

This officially puts an end to the 2010 baseball season. It was fun.

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2 Responses to Congrats to World Series Winning Giants

  1. Bronx Knight says:

    Hear, hear. Once the Yankees were knocked out, I was rooting for the Giants all the way. A great franchise in a great town.

    Incidentally, I lived in the Dallas area for two years in the early 2000's. They HATE New York. Whenever I told people that I was from New York, a common response was, "I'm sorry to hear that."

    Same to you, buddy.

  2. david k. says:

    How about that rotation? Lincecum, Matt Cain, Madison Bumgarner. This super young staff easily outpitched 32 year old Cliff Lee & company. And a line up full of misfits and bums was good enough to win the WS. Shows exactly why getting Cliff Lee is not the solution. If we had played these bums in the WS, we might have been swept, even if we'd had Cliff Lee.

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