Gardner Wins Fielding Bible Award for Best Left Fielder 4

Brett Gardner won The Fielding Bible’s Award for best left fielder beating out the Rays left fielder Carl Crawford by a healthy 10 points.

Gardner played a stellar left field while racking up a MLB’s best 22.3 UZR and 39.7 UZR/150. Crawford checked in at 18.5 and 21.2 respectively.

Other Yankees recieving votes were first baseman Mark Teixeira who came in fourth place, Robinson Cano who came in sixth, Alex Rodriguez who came in 15th, Curtis Granderson who came in eighth, Javier Vazquez who came in 14th, and Andy Pettitte who came in 17th.

The winners: Daric Barton of the A’s at first, Chase Utley of the Phillies at second, Evan Longoria of the Rays at third, Troy Tulowitzki of the Rockies at short, Michael Bourn of the Astros in center, Ichrio Suzuki in right, Yadier Molina of the Cardinals at catcher, and Mark Buehrle of the White Sox on the mound.

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