Giants Have Contacted Derek Jeter

Via Brian Costa of the Wall Street Journal:

One of the teams most often mentioned as a possible alternative destination for [Derek Jeter] is the San Francisco Giants. They could be attractive in that they would give him a chance to win and play in a big market. And Giants general manager Brian Sabean was the Yankees’ vice president of player development when they drafted Mr. Jeter in 1992.

The Giants have been in contact with Mr. Jeter’s agent, Casey Close, who also represents their catcher, Buster Posey. But they are not seriously pursuing him at the moment, according to a person familiar with the team’s thinking.

Team officials still aren’t convinced Mr. Jeter would sign with any team other than the Yankees and are wary of being used as leverage.

Despite the ugliness that has surrounded the Jeter-Yankees negotiations it still seems impossible that Jeter would leave town. Costa has made a case that teams are weary of even talking to him to avoid being used as leverage and it’s easy to see why. Even if another team made an offer to Jeter, the Yankees could turn around and match or beat it. There would have to be a significant wedge between the Yankees and Jeter where he would take less to play somewhere else.

In the end the only thing the Giants would do here is up Jeter’s asking price. They don’t represent a real threat to take him out of the Bronx. The report even said that the Giants aren’t serious at this point.

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