Here Come the GM Meetings

So far this offseason we’ve heard plenty of rumors, but for the most part seen no action. That will start to change this week.

The GM meetings in Orlando, Florida start tomorrow. There won’t be a lot of trades that take place, maybe just a few minor ones, but this is where teams get a good chance to speak with each other and start figuring out exactly who is available.

The Yankees made no major moves at this time last year, but it was at these meetings a year ago that Brian Cashman got word that the Tigers were making Curtis Granderson available. So while we may not see a big deal happen soon, wheels will be cranking.

Cashman will primarily be on the lookout for pitching this week. He’ll also field lots of questions about who is available on his own roster. My own speculation makes me think that a lot of teams could ask about the availability of guys like Brett Gardner and Eduardo Nunez the most. Maybe he’ll shop Joba Chamberlain and Francisco Cervelli as well.

I don’t think he’s necessarily looking to deal any of these players, but my point is that he’s going out there this week to see what his options are.

Hopefully there will be some juicy rumors that leak out this week. We didn’t even hear Granderson’s name last year until the day before he was dealt, but you never know what’s going to happen. Whatever I do hear I will pass along, as usual. So stay tuned.

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