IF the Yankees Didn’t Sign Jeter, the Giants May Be Interested

That’s a pretty big IF.

Here’s the story via Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle:

This is pure speculation on my part, but I would bet a good chunk of change that general manager Brian Sabean is going to monitor the Yankees’ negotiations with shortstop Derek Jeter.

Now, I think Jeter is going to re-sign with the Yankees, I’m sure the Giants think Jeter is going to re-sign and most everyone believes the public comments on how tough the negotiations will be are just posturing.

However, in the odd chance that Jeter does sign elsewhere, remember. The head of Yankees scouting who drafted Jeter in 1992 was none other than Sabean. There is a tie there. And we have to believe that San Francisco will be a more attractive destination for all free agents now that they’ve won the World Series, if for no other reason their pitching gives them a good shot to repeat.

Here’s the deal. Nobody, even the guy who wrote this story, believes that Jeter is going to play for anybody other than the Yankees. But the reality is that if things didn’t go well during the negotiations Jeter would be able to find a job somewhere else.

Honestly though it wouldn’t kill me to see Jeter in another uniform if only because it would make things more interesting.

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  1. DirtyWater says:

    Where did Henry Schulman get this story from Casey Close or straight outta Jeter's mouth? Jeter gonna except a contract in line with Edgar Renteria's 2year $18m deal? Renteria is 3 years younger than Jeter…and posted a better batting average in 2010.

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