Leyritz Has Book Coming Out in Spring

Via Frank DiGiacomo of the NY Daily News:

Baseball fans who’d love to know what Jim Leyritz was thinking while he stood trial for DUI manslaughter in Florida will get some answers next spring. That’s when HCI Books plans to publish the former Yankees catcher’s memoir, tentatively titled “Beating The Odds,” that Leyritz is writing with Douglas and Jeffrey Lyons, the sons of the late, legendary Broadway columnist Leonard Lyons.

Now that Leyritz has been acquitted of the most serious charge, Jeffrey tells us the former ballplayer “intends to move foward” with the book once he receives his sentence for a lesser DUI conviction on Dec. 1. “It’s been a nightmare for him, and he’s glad it will soon be behind him,” says Lyons, who informs us that the book will tell the story of Leyritz’s against-all-odds rise in Major League Baseball, “his faith,” his devotion to his three sons and his emotionally charged trial. “It’s a very personal and compelling story,” Lyons says. “He admits mistakes and how he overcame them.”

I’ve stayed away from discussing Leyritz’s trial on the site because of its controversy and the fact that it’s really not baseball related. I did think it was appropriate to bring up this book though.

I think there will be some backlash to the book certainly, but I’m actually looking forward to reading the baseball parts. Leyritz was a controversial guy when he was playing and didn’t always get along with his coaches and occasionally other players. He’s also admitted to using amphetamines as well.

Short of David Well’s book this might be the best book to give you a good look at the not so pretty side of the 90’s Yankees teams. It’s possible he could even have some choice words for the Yankees current manager Joe Girardi as the two fought for playing time in ’96.

Maybe it will be tamer than I expect and it certainly will have its share of good moments too such as his big homers from ’95 and ’96. It will also be cool to read about the Yankees from the other side when he was with the San Diego Padres who played against them in the ’98 World Series.

Anyway, the point in this post is that I wanted to get a feel for what people think about this upcoming memoir. So please, comment and let us know how you feel about it. Good? bad? Mixed?

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5 Responses to Leyritz Has Book Coming Out in Spring

  1. Dave Gross says:

    I was a fan of Leyritz when he was a player. He definitely was a major factor in some very important wins. That is one part of him but the personal side which he drives drunk I definitely dislike. I am a paramedic and I have picked up drunks like him that drove and killed other people. The drunk driver usually does not die for some reason and others involved in the crash caused by their carelessness do.

    I wish that he would do the right thing and donate all proceeds from the sale of his book to the relatives of the victims from the car crash. It is the right thing to do to do.

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