Sabathia Endorses Mike Harkey for Pitching Coach

Via George King of the NY Post:

[CC Sabathia] has no idea who the next Yankees pitching coach will be. But he does have a suggestion.

“I think [Mike] Harkey did a good job filling in [for Dave Eiland],” Sabathia said. “I’d like to see him get an opportunity.”

Harkey, the bullpen coach who acted as pitching coach during Eiland’s summer sabbatical, is among the candidates to replace Eiland. So, too, is Gil Patterson, a minor league pitching coach and former Yankees pitcher. Triple-A pitching coach Scott Aldred also will get an interview.

Depending on which beat writer you read, Harkey is the front runner or it’s Patterson. CC is the ace of the staff so an endorsement from him might have some weight (no pun intended).

These interviews are not getting quite the attention the Derek Jeter or Cliff Lee are so it’s hard to say how far along they are in the process, but I’ll be sure to inform you readers of breaking news concerning this as it happens.

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