Troy Tulowitzki’s New Contract and Derek Jeter

Yesterday Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki signed an extension that will keep him in Colorado for the next 10 years at $157.75 million.

Here is how the deal breaks down. Tulowitzki is owed $23.75 million over the next three years, his $15 million 2014 option will be picked up, and on top of that they are adding a six year extension worth $119 million. That works out to $157.75 million over 10 years, or $15.775 million a year on average.

I don’t normally report on other team’s players like this, but I wanted to for two reasons.

One, Tulowitzki is probably the best all-around shortstop in baseball today. He was set to be a free agent in three or four years or right around the time that Derek Jeter would have been a free agent again (probably). He would have made the perfect replacement for The Captain down the line, but now it doesn’t appear possible.

Two, and probably the more practical one, is that this sets the market for shortstops. Juan Uribe had previously signed with the Dodgers for three-years and $21 million. He is not as good as Jeter, but at this point in Jeet’s career he is not more than twice as good as him (Uribe would be getting $7M a year and Jeter has been offered $15M per).

But now that Tulowitzki, the best all-around shortstop in the game has signed for $15.775 million a year on average at the ages 26-35 it changes things for Jeter. If he’s making that much then $15 million a year for Jeter seems justified and the $23 million Jeter’s agent is supposedly looking for is just batshit crazy.

If anything Jeter would be lucky if that Yankees don’t reduce their offer after this. That’s really not going to happen though, but hopefully this can at least help Jeter to realize that the Yankees offer is more than fair.

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