Yankees Jeter Doesn’t Have a Lot of Options, Rivera Does

In what has become a famous, or infamous, statement from Brian Cashman – he challenged Derek Jeter to go test the free agent market if he didn’t like the Yankees three-year $45 million offer.

That lead to speculation that many teams might be interested in Jeet. George King of the NY Post spoke with one ‘high-ranking AL official’ who said only a handful of teams might be interested – the Orioles, Nationals, Cardinals, or Giants.

Since Jeter is all about winning, the Orioles and Nationals can immediately be eliminated. The Cardinals can probably be crossed off this list too considering they will have to re-sign Albert Pujols next season and will have to save all of their pennies to do that.

So really the only possible team that could maybe sign Jeter would be the Giants who need a shortstop and possibly have some extra cash too after winning the World Series.

Mariano Rivera on the other hand, would have lots of suitors if he really wanted to test the open market.

Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News interviewed an ‘industry source’ that said many teams still view Rivera as the preeminent reliever and he would have no shortage of teams that would be interested in signing him.

So while Jeter may have trouble getting what he’s looking for out of the Yankees, Rivera might have no trouble getting them to give in to his demand of two-years and $18 million per year. If they’re resistant all Rivera has to do is book a meeting with one of the many interested teams.

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