Yankees Owner Hal Steinbrenner Talks Payroll and More

After today’s organizational meetings, Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner made a couple of radio appearances to discuss what they talked about in the meetings. Here is the essential stuff:

  • On the payroll: “we’re going to stay within the same level.”
  • They want Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera back and called them “lifelong Yankees” but added that they’re “running a business” meaning that both sides have to be happy with the deal.
  • Especially with Jeter’s contract Hal warned “there’s always a possibility that things could get messy.”
  • Hal also talked about using the free agent market to balance out a youth movement.
  • They planned on being aggressive in response to Rangers’ owner Chuck Greenberg’s statements, but is satisfied with his apology.
  • He also talked about evaluating ticket prices saying “some sections may be overpriced. Some may be underpriced.”
  • He also said that the 2011 team will be a “World Series-type team” through free agency or trades.

Nothing too extreme. The payroll staying about the same is probably the biggest news. They were around $210 million this year so my guess is that it will go up to about $215-220 million.

The warning about negotiations with Jeter possibly getting messy were a bit of a surprise. They seem committed to bringing him back, but it sounds like they want to do it on their terms. Although they did mention that they want both sides to be happy with the deal.

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