Yankees Prep $120 Million Offer for Cliff Lee

Word is that the Yankees are preparing to make a five-year offer to Cliff Lee in the $115-$120 million range, according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.

That breaks down to a $23 or $24 million per year offer. In contrast CC Sabathia earns $23 million a year for the rest of his contract and Johan Santana of the Mets will earn an average of $24 million a year over the remainder of his.

It doesn’t seem like any other teams have made offers to Lee yet. The Rangers and Nationals are both expected to make offers soon though.

Brian Cashman went to Arkansas to meet with Lee and his agent slightly less than two weeks ago to discuss things with the free agent, but did not extend an offer at that time.

Since then we haven’t heard whether or not there has been any communication between the two sides. Texas Rangers owner Nolan Ryan admitted that he doesn’t think his team will be able to outbid the Yankees.

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