Yankees Re-sign Hitting Coach Kevin Long

Via George King of the NY Post:

According to multiple sources, Kevin Long and the Yankees have agreed to a three-year deal that runs concurrent with the pact manager Joe Girardi recently signed.

Long, the hitting coach whose three-year deal worth about $1.2 million expired yesterday, will receive a raise. Next season will be Long’s sixth handling Yankees hitters.

Great news. Long has been an extremely positive influence with the Yankees. He has gotten a lot out of his hitters and may have salvaged the Curtis Granderson trade for them. This one was really a  no brainer. If anything it wasn’t long enough.

In the report King also said that the Yankees are looking to re-sign the rest of their coaching staff and expect everyone else to come back. Tony Pena has been linked to a couple of different managerial openings, but so far it looks like he is coming back to the Bronx.

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2 Responses to Yankees Re-sign Hitting Coach Kevin Long

  1. sal says:

    i do not like the approach the yankees had to hitting this year.is it girardis fault or longs?i dont know but it doesnt work.gardner,posada,swisher,arod and more took two strikes and the had to hit the pitchers best pitch.trying to make the pitchers pitch count go up doesnt always work.we lost the alcs because of not being agressive at the bat.scrap that plan and get rid of the person who wants it.(maybe long).s.f.is beating up on lee and texas pitching by being agressive.we have the hitters to be agressive and win.to win next year with this team we need a change.

  2. Ok. The Yankees had the best offense in baseball in 2010 and hit well in almost every situation. Kevin Long was a great hitting coach and this was a no brainer.

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