Yankees Rumors: Rivera Seeking 2-Year Deal and a Raise to $18 Million

Mariano Rivera and the Yankees haven’t exchanged offers yet, but when they do they’ll know that he wants a two-year deal with a raise to $18 million per season, according to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports.

The Yankees are not going to like this one. You can be sure they’re not going to want to give him a two-year deal at his age let alone a raise. The problem is they don’t have much of a choice. He can still do the job and they need him back. I could maybe see them giving him a two-year deal at $15 million a year, or even a one-year deal at $18 million, but they are going to resist this as much as possible.

Without Rivera in the mix they would have to sign a veteran like Rafael Soriano and as good as he is, there’s no guarantee he’s going to be as reliable as even a 41-year-old Rivera. Or they would be forced to rely on the ever injury prone Kerry Wood. Or worst of all be forced to rely on an unproven reliever like Joba Chamberlain or David Robertson while thinning out their middle relief at the same time.

This is not exactly a good situation for the Yankees to be in. Unlike with Jeter, Rivera has all of the leverage here.

Personally, as much as I love Rivera – it seems insane to give any reliever $18 million per season.

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One Response to Yankees Rumors: Rivera Seeking 2-Year Deal and a Raise to $18 Million

  1. mindkind says:

    18 million? Oh man you know what just let Rivera and Jeter walk. I'm tired of what they ask for! Why do athletes think teams can just give them what they ask? 18 million for a bullpen guy? 100 million for a 37 year old shortstop? wow some loyal Yankees they are turning out be! how are the Yankees supposed to players if such much money is tied to 2players? Let's start cutting the fat, let Rivera and Jeter walk, in 2012 let Posada walk!! It's all about the team!!

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