Yankees Rumors: Bill Hall Draws Interest

Via Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports:

He isn’t nearly as big a priority as Cliff Lee, Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera. But don’t be surprised if you hear the Yankees linked to free-agent utility man Bill Hall before the off-season is over.

Hall works out in the off-season with Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long. The Yankees could use a veteran utility player. And Hall is on a list of free agents in whom the Yankees have interest, major-league sources say.

Interest in Hall is one thing, but it is going to take the Yankees close to Christmas or even beyond to work out deals with their top priorities: Lee, Jeter, Rivera, and even Andy Pettitte. By that time Hall may be off the market.

Another thing to consider is the payroll. As much as people like to pretend the Yankees have unlimited money it just isn’t true. They will have restrictions just like they did a year ago. It may be that another team simply outbids the Yankees for Hall. After all, the Yankees won’t want to break the bank for bench players with Ramiro Pena, Eduardo Nunez, Brandon Laird, and Colin Curtis as cheaper alternatives.

This one will be on the back burner for a little while, but I’ll keep you updated when other information becomes available.

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5 Responses to Yankees Rumors: Bill Hall Draws Interest

  1. Mike S. says:

    Nice versatility. Lousy walk to K ratio.

  2. the thing with Hall is that he crushes righties and pretty much shouldn't even play against lefties. He's got an .841 OPS vs RHP, .680 OPS vs. LHP. That means you probably shouldn't really use him to rest Gardner or Granderson. He might be perfect to use in place of A-Rod though.

  3. jy says:

    The Red Sox are nuts to allow this starter ill-deemed a Utility Man.

    The farther awy he gets from Milwaukee the better he plays.

    I hope he goes to the NL. Atlanta!

  4. jy says:

    The Red Sox are nuts to allow this starter, ill-deemed a Utility Man, to walk.

    The farther away he gets from Milwaukee the better he plays.

    I hope he goes to the NL… Atlanta but what Major Leaguer would not want to play with the Yankees?

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