Yankees Rumors: Cliff Lee Ready to Start Accepting Offers

So far this offseason Cliff Lee and his agent have been in fact-finding mode, but that appears like it’s about to change as Texas Rangers owner said that Lee is “about ready to entertain offers” according to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated.

This really is just the second step in a long process before Lee finds his ultimate destination. Rumor is that the Rangers aren’t going to be willing to go beyond five years or $23 million per season for Lee so the Yankees aren’t likely going to make the first offer.

Instead they’ll probably keep in regular contact with Lee, but wait until most other clubs have pitched the free agent before swooping in with a bigger offer. It would be similar to what they did with Mark Teixeira when he was on the market.

Like I said about the Jeter negotiations, get ready because this one could take a while.

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4 Responses to Yankees Rumors: Cliff Lee Ready to Start Accepting Offers

  1. david k. says:

    See here, I previously wrote the Yankees should only offer up to 25 mil for four yrs, tops. If it takes a fifth yr, then maybe… But if Texas will only go up to 23 mil, then we should win the bidding war, as I'm sure he'll go for the top money, wherever it is. My point is, why overpay? We don't need to make the same mistake Texas made with A-Rod and offer a contract no one in his right mind would ever refuse. We only need to do what it takes.

  2. cyril morley says:

    Move i like to see for the new york yankees Free agent like Cliff Lee, Pedro Feliciano, Scott Olsen, Manuel Corpas, Jeff Kennard and Marcos Vechionacci.

    Trades etc.

    Dustin Mosely-p to D.Tiger for Joel Zumaya-rp

    Greg Colson-cf to F.Marlins for Edward Mujica-rp

    Colin Curtis-of to C.Cub for Scott Maine-rp

    Grant Duff-p to W.Nat for yunior Novou-rp

    Craig Heyer-p to S.F.Gaint for Waldis Joaquin-rp

    Kevin Whelan-p to B.Orieles for Troy Patton -p

    Boone Lagon-rp to C.Rockies for Franklin Morales-rp

    Myron Leslie-c/inf to A,s for Daniel Haigwood-rp

    A.J.Burnett-sp to L.A.Angel for Scott Kazmir-sp

    Kei Igawa-p to P.Phillies for Scott Matheison-p

    Please keep John Sterling & Suzyn Waldman in the Radio Booth, they are Mr New York Yankee and Ms New York Yankees.

  3. Wow. Do you live your entire life with no basis in reality? This is not a video game.

  4. frank hernandez says:

    We in Texas would love to have Cliff Lee resign with our beloved Rangers but if it were not to happen then we wish him and his family the best. I would only ask that you remember your time here fondly for we surely will

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