Yankees Rumors: Cubs Looking Into Nick Johnson

Via the Chicago Sun-Times:

With a payroll budget that figures to leave little room for big-shot free agents, indications are that general manager Jim Hendry is focusing more on the likes of lefty-hitting Nick Johnson — if the medicals look good enough — for first base and is keeping an eye on former Cub Kerry Wood‘s status for a possible bullpen job.

This makes sense. The Cubs are looking to cut payroll a little and Johnson’s stock is probably at an all-time low right now. If he can stay healthy he might be a decent pick up, but that’s a pretty big if. A situation the Yankees aren’t even likely to entertain.

It’s unfortunate that things didn’t work out with him and the Yankees the second time around. It would have been nice to have their own former prospect comeback and contribute.

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6 Responses to Yankees Rumors: Cubs Looking Into Nick Johnson

  1. Bronx Knight says:

    I always liked Nick Johnson. It's a shame that his health has been too frail for him to reach his full potential.

  2. Mindkind says:

    Johnson can catch a cab along with Vazquez and go far away from the bronx. Wood well there's an arm I would hate to see go.

  3. Mondoas says:

    Ha…the Curse has the Cubs around the neck because everyone know that Nick Johnson will get hurt by April 1!!

    • Mindkind says:

      Now we know why the Cubs just don't win! Nick Johnson? Oh lord! Why don't they just trade away those old veterans while they still have some value for some good prospects and start over.

  4. Tanned Tom says:

    If your big off season move is signing DL Nick Johnson, then you might as well forget about 2011 and start thinking about 2012.

  5. This offseason's free agent crop is Werth, Crawford, Lee, and everybody else. There are either going to be a lot of trades or a lot of teams making marginal improvements at best.

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