Yankees Rumors: Houston Doesn’t Want Berkman Back

Via Mark Berman of My Fox Houston:

“I heard from Mike Moye (Lance Berkman‘s agent) and he inquired about whether we had interest in bringing Lance back and I was candid with him and told him it didn’t fit for us,” Wade said. “As much as we love and respect Lance and what he’s done for our organization, We had these internal conversations in July when we made the decision to go ahead and move him.”

This is actually big news for the Yankees. Previously I had thought that there was a possibility that the Yankees offered him arbitration with the belief that he would reject it to go back to Houston. Now that Houston is off the table offering him arbitration becomes very risky.

Berkman earned $14.5 million in 2010, if he accepts arbitration he cannot earn less than 80 percent of that or $11.6 million. His agent may advice him to accept arbitration even if he has no intention of staying in New York because he knows the Yankees have no need for him in 2011 and would be forced to trade him anyways.

It used to look like the Yankees could get a draft pick out of Berkman, it doesn’t look that way anymore.

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  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Sometimes trying to extract value from a bad situation is a mistake. Berkman is dead wood, and should be cut loose regardless.

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