Yankees Rumors: Jeter Could Ask for 6-Year Deal

Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated just Tweeted that industry sources seem to think Derek Jeter could ask for a 6-year deal that would keep him a Yankee until he is 42-years-old.

This seems based off the idea that Alex Rodriguez got a 10-year deal that takes him up until he’s 42 as well. It seems far fetched and un-realistic, but Hal Steinbrenner did warn that negotiations with Jeter could get messy. Maybe this is what he meant.

If this is true, I expect the Yankees to counter this with a two or three year offer and things will get messy. It at least sounds like pure speculation though.

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12 Responses to Yankees Rumors: Jeter Could Ask for 6-Year Deal

  1. Mindkind says:

    Jeter is great for the Yankees but come one a 6-year deal would be a mistake. Having great players that play their whole careers with a team is great but this situation is one negative aspect of it. Jeter is on the decline plain and simple to give him a contract that one would give to a player entering his prime is ridiculous. If Jeter gets a long deal things will have to change. He cannot bat first in 2011. And after 2011 he needs to start the transition to another position. This can get messy indeed.

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    The sticking points will be position and money not length of contract. The NYY can always offer 3 years with 3 option years. But does anyone think it's even remotely possible he'll be at short in year 6? Here's my offer:

    6 years(3 guaranteed, 3 with club options) for descending salaries of $21 mil, $17 mil, $13 mil, $9 mil, $7 mil, $5 mil. This is probably still overpaying, but who cares, it's not my money. The key will be that this offer is made with the understanding that Jeter moves to 3B when there is viable replacement at short. That could be as soon as 2012.

    • Mike S. says:

      …and that's assuming that A-Rod will be agreeable to going to full-time DH? He's signed through 2017. What if Alex isn't amenable to moving off 3B?

  3. Mike S. says:

    I don't give him six years. As for a position change, to where? 3B? His range to his left was always in question. Moving to 3B is going to fix that? I'm not buying.

    Jeter's value diminishes MORE with a position switch. His numbers, even though down, still placed him around the top for an AL SS. Move him to 3B, DH or corner OF and do a comparison to other players in the league at those positions. He then moves down to middle of the pack…or worse.

    Three years. Better yet, two years with a mutual option for the third. Long-term deals with aging stars (37 next June) are no good, no matter who they are. I love Derek and all he's done, but… six years is way too much.

  4. smurfy says:

    On one hand, it's a business. Some marketing accountant can tally the potential profits from shirts and attendance at maybe-today 3000 hit games, and add a slice into a salary offer.

    On the other, it's a game, and a team. The Captain surely believes in his ability to rebound (and rock solid, deft shortstopping, if range is slightly limited, hitting 270, ain't bad). But 270 is a 40 point drop from the prior year, and the Captain should recognize that the team should not bind itself to questionnable prospects.

    The best basis for contracting is year-to-year, and if performance matches ego, all will be well. As a fan, I love Derek Jeter, but I don't think he is owed anything but a fair chance to play a great game for the team.

  5. BigWill9025 says:

    Jeter is the face of the Yankees. Give him what he wants and if he has to greet people at the front door towards the end then let him!!! It isn't like the yanks dont have the money. Have him groom the next upcoming short stop and teach him all he knows. There is going to be a war in the Bronx if they do not sign him. He may have lost a step but he is still clutch. He is what you want a baseball player to be. GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS!!!

    • Mike S. says:

      They have the money. What I don't want is a 42 year old SS with no range and hitting .225 with no power. I don't care who you are.

      Sorry but the toughest job in sports may be telling an icon it's time. Doesn't matter if it's Carlton, Mays, etc. Do I give him what he wants? Hell, no.

      People would just love to have a bunch of 40 something icons on their team. It's like a girlfriend you should dump but can't. Then watch everyone bitch when all those 40 something icons go 73-89.

      Yup. 20% of the team over 36 on August 1, 2011 and taking up 40% of the payroll.

      You don't win that way.

      They will sign him. But NOT to whatever he wants, and NOT to a six year deal.

      To me, 3 years, $50 million (a cut, but still $16.67 M a year for three years to a soon-to-be 37 yr. old SS coming off his worst year, a year where he went .270-10-67, with only one out-of-the-park HR since June 12th) is more than fair.

  6. EdO says:

    Jeter is the face of the the team for a reason, he has never been the most talented player and people have been talking about his demise for the last five years but he is the hardest worker and true embodiment of the "Yankee Way" and that has never been more important then right now the team needs him. Let's let him and and the front office get this thing done go rind some pitching.

  7. Bronx Knight says:

    Here's the thing with the Core Four, plus A-Rod: we can't become the 1965 Yankees. In 1964, the Yanks went 99-63, and went to the World Series. In 1965, the aging Mantle hit .255, Maris hit .239 and played only 46 games, the team went 77-85, and stank for another 10 years.

    We have got to accept the fact that our favorite Yankees stars are either pushing 40, or past it. The transition is upon us. Hopefully, Derek Jeter, who sets the standard for class in professional sports, will have the class to see this, and accept a reasonable deal, and changes in where he bats, and possibly fields.

    • Mike S. says:

      I've been saying this for a while. Mantle's body gave out at the age of 33. Maris broke his hand in 1965 and it was misdiagnosed. He never hit with power again (right hand, the power hand for a lefty hitter). Don't forget that Howard at 36 got old, dropped from .313 to .233. Ford had arm trouble, went 16-13 in 1965, and only 4-9 after that.

      Youngsters didn't perform to their capabilities (Pepitone), got hurt themselves (Tresh and Bouton). Complementary players couldn't carry the club (Richardson, Boyer).

      Free agency helps today to plug the gap and fill the holes. That wasn't there in 1965. The farm system then was fallow.

      I see nice young pitchers in AA/AAA next year. Position players, outside of C, and possibly Brandon Laird, not so much.

      But the core is getting old. They may start the year well, then tire down the stretch and in the postseason.

      You really have to start thinking and preparing for the transition, if not actually implementing it at present.

      Saying goodbye will be difficult. But eventually necessary.

  8. Mike B. says:

    I say the yankees should not put too much money on mr. jeter.. the fact is nobody would pay more than the yankees.. whatever the yankees offer to him would not be matched nor over matched by all the teams.. jeter is getting old.. his production is starting to go down.. so why over pay him.. bcoz he's a yankee icon? c'mon, most people would value the present and not the past… if mr. jeter say he would rather play for other teams even if its the redsox than accept the yankees offer then hey let him be.. jeter needs the yankees more than the yankees need him.. period.

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