Yankees Rumors: Jeter Looking for 5-Years/$100 Million

The Yankees three-year and $45 million offer to Derek Jeter is well known by now, but we really haven’t heard much from Jeter’s camp as to what he’s looking for. There are however, pretty consistent rumors a what it is.

Via the NY Daily News:

Jeter’s camp is believed to be asking for at least five years and roughly $100 million, and while Cashman wouldn’t discuss a counteroffer, the GM said that like in any negotiation, “defining what is fair” figures to be the biggest sticking point.

Wow. That means the Yankees and Jeter are currently $55 million apart on a deal. Somebody is going to have to make a major concession.

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7 Responses to Yankees Rumors: Jeter Looking for 5-Years/$100 Million

  1. Daniel N says:

    Is Jeter CRAZY??? Last I seen was that he was 37 yrs old (not 27 yrs old). I feel that what the team has to offer is fair. True he has done a lot for the team but, you can't bank on the past. You only bank on the future and Jeter is starting to show his age. And the thing is once he gets older, where are the Yankees going to play him?

    Jeter just take the contract that the team is offering, otherwise I see you just like another Yankee favorite (does BERNIE WILLIAMS sound familiar?).

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    The hardest thing for a veteran athelete to accept is not his physical decline, that can be slowed through increased conditioning, but his rapid decline in market value. Jeter is a 37 old shortstop. How many teams have won a World Series, or a pennant, with a shortstop that old? I'm gonna guess and say that the answer is zero, but it can't be more than 1 or 2. A 5 year deal for $100 mil is sheer fantasy, a wet dream on Jeter's part. Cashman saying "shop around" is the line in the sand, Jeter probably won't see a better offer from the Yanks. And frankly, after last year, I'm fine with the NYY replacing him at short and using the money to sign Carl Crawford (who would you rather have for $15 mil?), then trading Granderson or Swisher for a starting pitcher.

  3. rick says:

    i agree with daniel N. its tough to face the fact your getting old.. we all do.. lol… I think the Yankees are being MORE THAN FAIR with Jeter. Remember the late 60's and early 70's? An aging team filled with faded stars. If Jeter does not accept the Yankees offer, well, thanks for the memories derek.

  4. Mike S. says:

    Maybe, if correct on Jeter's demands, some people will hold off on the "give him whatever he wants" comments?

  5. Scott L. says:

    I think Jeter should play Cashman's bluff and see if Boston will offer him more. If I was Theo in Boston I would float a offer out there trying to spend the Yankees money and see what happens.

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