Yankees Rumors: No Interest in Scott Downs Due to Draft Pick

At the start of the offseason Yankees general manager Brian Cashman targeted two areas he wanted to address: getting Cliff Lee and a left handed reliever.

One of the best left handed relievers on the market is former Blue Jay Scott Downs, but according to Ken Davidoff of Newday the Yankees have no interest in him because he is a type-A free agent. That means they would have to give up a first round draft pick to sign him which they think is just too much to pay for a middle reliever.

It’s likely that the Yankees will actually have to give up their first round draft pick if they sign Lee. So if they did sign both Lee and Downs it would mean that they would have to surrender their second round pick to the Blue Jays. That might sound better, but even in that scenario they are unlikely to want to give up the pick.

The Yankees know that most of the best talent in the drafts are in the early first couple of rounds. Without their first two picks it would make having a successful draft very difficult. They wouldn’t want to put themselves in that position for a middle reliever.

As good as Downs has been in recent years, middle relievers are just to volatile. Even the best ones have huge up and down years. So giving up a draft pick for one is too much of a gamble unless your bullpen is in dire need.

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4 Responses to Yankees Rumors: No Interest in Scott Downs Due to Draft Pick

  1. Mike S. says:

    I can understand why not Downs (#1 in my book as far as who is out there), but boy, I'd love to have him. But being Type A…

    Any chance on Feliciano? From my end, I don't want Romero.

  2. Will says:

    The best the Yanks have produced from their #1 draft picks since 1993 is Hughes who right now looks like a 4th or 5th starter. They have not drafted well (although drafting as low as they have has to be considered when making this assessment) and player development has been shaky at best. If they have a chance to get a solid, veteran lefty out of the bullpen, which has been an issue for them, the idea that they wouldn't due to losing a draft pick is laughable. Better yet, is there anyone that the Yanks have drafted #1 in the last 10 years that you wouldn't trade for Downs? Maybe Hughes but I think I might do it.

    • I don't know Will, this is unfair. The Yankees are really not in a position to draft really big impact player, but they have produced quite a lot of role players. They've also used quite a lot of prospects in drafts in recent years giving them value as well.

      Besides, even if you miss with your no. 1 draft pick 50 years in a row – it's bad business to just give up on the draft.

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